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Car seats are so critical for child safety.  Imagine living in poverty and being unable to afford what’s needed to keep your little ones safe. You’re forced to drive with your child unsecured, which is both dangerous and illegal, and then you are pulled over. What do you do?

The officer can’t let you leave without the child properly secured in a car seat, and you simply cannot buy one because you’re struggling to pay rent and keep the lights on. You could receive a citation, another expense you can not afford. 

Thankfully, now the Oshkosh Police Department has a supply of car seats for these types of crises. The officer can call the precinct and have a car seat brought to you. Together, you install the car seat. Your child is safe, and you’ve been shown compassion and grace.    

When you sponsor a car seat, you make more moments like this possible. Thank you! 

This is a 100% tax-deductible charitable donation and no goods or services will be received by you,  the monetary donor.